Arkas Art Bornova hosts the Arkas Carpet Collection under the roof of the historical Mattheys Mansion, one of the most beautiful buildings of its time, which was renovated by Arkas Holding. The Arkas Carpet Collection, which has been brought together for more than 30 years, has become one of the most significant carpet collections in the world, bringing together rare examples of Anatolian Carpets of the Classical Period, Anatolian Tribal Carpets, Ottoman Palace Carpets and European tapestries. A selection of Anatolian Carpets produced between the 16th and 19th centuries mainly in Western and Central Anatolia, is on display in Arkas Art Bornova.

The best examples of hand-made carpet, one of the most significant elements of our cultural heritage, were woven in Anatolia thanks to the tradition of carpet making that has continued for generations, thus Turkey began to be known as a carpet weaving center. Turkish carpets have been preferred for centuries as a sign of wealth, status and prestige, presented as diplomatic gifts, and depicted in masterpieces of European painting as a source of inspiration to Western artists. Arkas Art Bornova Mattheys Mansion aims to preserve the precious examples of the art of carpet making, which is the product of thousands of years of tradition, to pass it on to future generations and to share the Arkas Carpet Collection with large masses.